Ford Everest Discreet Armor


The Ford Everest Discreet Armor is a superior off-road SUV fully armored for discreet protection. It also offers an upgraded brake and suspension package to enhance performance and safety, while reducing maintenance costs and vehicle downtime.

A few of the armor features are:

  • The body of the vehicle is protected to EN 1522 level FB6
  • The tire retention system enables driving punctured at 50 km/h
  • Structurally reinforced doors and uprated steel hinges
  • Bullet-resistant glass protected to EN 1063 level BR6
  • The rooftop is protected to EN 1522 Level FB4
  • Reinforced load-bearing pillars offering vehicle structural support
  • Underfloor protection against two DM51 or DM61 hand grenades

Manufactured by Global Armor Thailand, a member of RMA Group, it offers ballistic level 4 armoring of door panels and glass, an upgraded brake and suspension package for enhanced performance and handling, and run-flat tires.

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