Training For Peak Fleet Performance

Training is an integral part of a fleet maintenance program. A well-developed training program empowers people on the ground to act with knowledge so that clients get the most from their vehicles and equipment. Therefore, FGFS provides employees with the training to guarantee that clients get the most from their field assets. For example, here are two ways that we make it happen:

  • Teach technicians to service fleet vehicles with the latest vehicle technology
  • Train fleet drivers to operate vehicles in the safest, most efficient, and eco-friendly manner
Comprehensive Training

Years of experience with Ford vehicles help with developing custom-designed courses. Professional senior-level training professionals use state-of-the-art techniques and equipment that meet the high standards of Ford products. For example, proprietary FGFS tools include, but aren’t limited to: simulators that provide hands-on experience testing and diagnosing all-electric, mechanical, and computerized components such as switches, sensors, relays, and modules.

RMA offers a comprehensive and wide variety of classes. Here are a few:

  • Basic Technician — Automotive Fundamentals
  • Level 1 — Electrical Specialist
  • Level 2 — Electrical & Engine Specialist
  • Level 3 — Electrical, Powertrain & Drivetrain Specialist
  • Level 4 — Electrical, Powertrain, Drivetrain & Chassis Specialist
Efficient Training

Technician training courses run three-to-four weeks, five days per week. However, some operator/driver classes are one-day seminars. In addition, FGFS training may include a Service Apprenticeship Program resulting in a service certification diploma for the skill levels achieved. Consequently, this certification benefits the organization by training its fleet maintenance employee and setting them up for future success.

Convenient Training

Often, the training of your staff can take place at our state-of-the-art Training Center in Thailand. Regardless, they can also be taught on-site in air-conditioned mobile units. As a result, these portable units can be shipped quickly to a client’s location.

Beneficial Training

Employees are trained to be efficient, reduce accidents, and meet schedules. Secondly, effectively trained employees keep equipment running at peak performance for an extended lifecycle. In other words, they help minimize downtime and save money.

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