After Sales Solutions for Every Sale

Urgent Mobile Service Solutions

Whether a dead battery or a flat tire, vehicle service issues are paramount to any fleet of vehicles. Regardless of the situation, FGFS understands the urgency and provides a suite of 360-degree vehicle service solutions for every customer. FGFS’s international service and after-sales solutions include connections with an extensive network of local dealers globally. As a result, we convey timely and intelligent solutions to serve our customers’ maintenance issues.

For remote locations or even in environments without any dealerships, our mobile field service provides traveling, prefabricated garage units, which deliver a variety of maintenance and repair operations. In urgent cases, FGFS can fly emergency service technicians to solve maintenance problems and can airfreight parts overnight worldwide. Additionally, FGFS can train local maintenance staff to elevate their technical skills, product knowledge, and problem-solving capability.

Parts Availability

In addition to our affiliated local Ford dealers’ already comprehensive parts inventories, it’s reassuring that FGFS maintains a $15 million vehicle parts inventory at its International Parts Distribution Center in Thailand. With 24-hour shipping, computerized order processing, and an extensive inventory, FGFS will quickly deliver the components to keep its customers’ vehicles running regardless of obstacles.

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