Ford Global Fleet Sales is Ford’s Global Export Distributor. With access to nearly Ford’s entire product line and the ability to ship to over 100 markets, FGFS can provide fleet solutions worldwide. FGFS has engineering facilities across four continents that can provide custom vehicle solutions on Ford Rangers, Everests, Transits, and other models.

Since the 1980s, FGFS has provided critical vehicle deliveries, after-sales support, and comprehensive fleet management systems to aid organizations, governments, and commercial interests in developing and post-conflict markets.

Global Parts & Services

Ford Global Fleet Sales harnesses the power of its global logistics network and communications systems to deliver genuine Ford parts and support services to on-site locations quickly and smoothly, ensuring customers receive the support they need with ease. FGFS has set world standards for OEM warranty-covered service and repairs, on-site mobile service capability, timely parts and accessories delivery, and training.

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