Ford Everest Emergency Response Vehicle

Ford Everest, a tough and powerful off-road SUV with modern features and comfortable interiors, developed in conjunction with international aid and development organizations for emergency response and rescue.

SUV Ambulances are a popular choice as Emergency Response Vehicles for paramedics and first responders, who require high performance, versatility, and superior maneuverability. Conversions of the Ford Everest are available with an upgraded braking and suspension package, a front bullbar with an electric winch, air intake snorkel, and all-terrain tires.

The rear patient area accommodates a full-length stretcher and two flip-up attendant seats.  It is fitted with IV hangers, oxygen tanks, a first aid kit, and a medical adjunctive supply kit as standard equipment. The SUV has an LED emergency light bar in blue and red lights and a siren and PA system.

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