Professional & Responsive Technical Support

FGFS’s 24/7 Technical Support experts create life cycle maintenance profiles that minimize service costs and downtime while delivering economical vehicle and equipment operations, optimal fuel consumption, competitive parts costs, and lower overall maintenance expense. To clarify, FGFS comes to you, wherever you operate, to give vital maintenance needs the immediate attention required. Additionally, FGFS partners with local Ford dealers in every nation responding professionally to bring solutions to your service and maintenance issues.

Support Diligence

Firstly, conscientious follow-up is how FGFS performs service package contract obligations. Moreover, working side-by-side with customers allows technical support professionals to understand and deal with the challenges immediately. Further, the manufacturer warranty service is crystal clear and performed with diligence and speed. Above all, the level of support service is the same as product quality, the best.

Support Cost Savings

Secondly, as mechanical integrity is vital, lifecycle maintenance profiles will minimize service costs. Therefore, FGFS’s 24/7 Technical Helpline is an effective way to minimize downtime. Similarly, emergency service technicians are ready to be airlifted within 72 hours’ notice to reduce downtime and rapidly solve any problem.

Support Resources

Lastly, FGFS is there to help support dealer service locations, local maintenance centers, and other equipment service resources, depending on customer needs. In conclusion, FGFS will render support service expeditiously.

Skilled technical support. 24/7 Technical Helpline. Meticulous attention to detail.

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