Supporting Aid & Development Projects Globally

The fleet needs of organizations in the international aid and development arena are unique, demanding, and logistically challenging. Climates are frequently harsh, local infrastructures often poor, and the availability of mechanical assistance is usually limited. In addition, A&D organizations face safety and security risks, plus the challenge of meeting vehicle needs and modifications on limited budgets.


For over 25 years, FGFS has fulfilled the fleet requirements of Aid & Development organizations with a full suite of solutions.

Our team is full of dedicated, experienced professionals who understand this complex market’s demands. For instance, FGFS is a single-source supplier for all fleet and fleet-support needs. 

Furthermore, the parts operations team provides customers with every part and vehicle accessory required. Learn more about how FGFS offers a full range of OEM and customized spare parts by clicking here.

FGFS manages over 40,000 fleet vehicles worldwide by providing comprehensive fleet maintenance and vehicle life cycle management. Consequently, FGFS has an advanced global logistics management system across over 100 countries.

In addition to those solutions, we also offer comprehensive driver training, a 24/7 technical support hotline, and fly-in technicians where local service is not available. For clarification about our training programs, please click here


Ford Global Fleet Sales

Ford Global Fleet Sales is the leading Ford vehicle distributor to the aid and development sector. FGFS works closely with Ford and its global dealer network to provide critical vehicle sales and after-sales support to aid organizations and government agencies in developing and post-conflict markets.