Global Parts & Services
Comprehensive Global Support Systems

Ford Global Fleet Sales harnesses the power of its global logistics network and communications systems to deliver genuine Ford parts and support service to on-site locations quickly and smoothly, ensuring customers receive the support they need with ease.

FGFS has set world standards for OEM warranty-covered service and repairs, on-site mobile service capability, timely parts and accessories delivery, and training.

After Sales & Service

Whether a dead battery or a flat tire, vehicle service issues must be addressed. FGFS understands the urgency, no matter the situation, and provides 360-degree vehicle service solutions for every vehicle sold. read more ›

Parts Operations

FGFS has an extensive global logistics network with a large inventory of parts and accessories stocked in strategic locations worldwide for immediate delivery.

24-hour shipping, computerized order processing, and expedited parts delivery options, including overnight air freight, make FGFS’s worldwide service second to none. read more ›



Comprehensive training programs with custom-designed curricula, professional senior-level trainers, and a wide variety of courses in multiple languages, helping customers build a world-class maintenance program, are available. read more ›


Technical Support

The mechanical integrity of your assets is crucial. FGFS offers lifecycle maintenance profiles to ensure maximum productivity, focusing on reducing service and maintenance costs.

24/7 Technical Service Helpline is ready to help you with any issue, minimizing downtime and reducing costs.

Through FGFS, customers can receive support from the manufacturer’s in-country service locations and local maintenance centers and access to an extensive network of equipment service resources. Full manufacturer’s warranties accompany all FGFS products. read more ›

After Sales Solutions

Mobile Service

No matter the location, Ford Global Fleet Sales has a network of local dealers providing intelligent solutions for customer maintenance issues. We can provide fast-deployment mobile service systems for remote markets and areas without dealerships to deliver maintenance and repairs.

In urgent cases, FGFS can fly emergency service technicians for issues that cannot be resolved locally and can airfreight parts globally overnight.

Parts Availability

In addition to the comprehensive parts inventories of its affiliated local Ford dealers, FGFS manages a $15 million vehicle parts inventory at its state-of-the-art International Parts Distribution Center in Thailand. With 24-hour shipping, FGFS can deliver the components to keep its customers’ vehicles running no matter the obstacles.

Fleet Solutions

The Cutting Edge Fleet Management System

Ford Global Fleet Sales has been a pioneer in fleet management for more than 25 years. Today, the company manages over 40,000 fleet vehicles in five regions. A global logistics network of service support and parts aids its industry-leading fleet management system.

FGFS-managed fleets are designed to meet specific project needs with no waste or over-investment while keeping environmental and safety objectives at the forefront. All operations, including fleet management, fleet composition, vehicle selection, and modifications, are governed by this approach.

Each vehicle’s life cycle is carefully mapped out, and FGFS maintains an inventory of stock vehicles to serve as a backup in the case of an emergency, in addition to fast-deployment mobile service systems ready to support client projects in remote areas where local service is not available.

FGFS planning experts thoroughly assess a client’s fleet needs and recommend a suite of lean solutions designed around budget requirements, ensuring every dollar invested goes towards managing fleets and their assets.

An FGFS fleet management contract service package covers all aspects of fleet creation:

  • Vehicle purchase
  • Complete maintenance control
  • Emergency and mobile service options
  • Annual registration renewal
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Accident management and damage control
  • Replacement vehicles
  • Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance
  • Fleet and individual reporting, including IVMS reporting
  • Fuel management
  • Vehicle Disposal

Parts Operations

Comprehensive. Worldwide. Reliable.

FGFS Parts Operations provides every part and vehicle accessory required and is structured to maximize the lifecycle of every product FGFS offers. Its logistics system facilitates fast delivery of parts while ensuring related services reach customers globally.

Where We Operate

FGFS can reach markets the world over with a comprehensive inventory of genuine Ford spare parts from our strategically located distribution center in Thailand’s Free Zone & Dubai.

All parts are guaranteed and backed by manufacturer warranties.

How We Operate

From our centers in Thailand and Dubai, we serve FGFS’ network with speed and accuracy, employing years of accumulated professional experience and computerized order processing. Parts can be shipped within 24 hours, and overnight air freight is possible in the case of emergencies.

FGFS Parts Operations can be highlighted by:

  • $10 Million Parts Inventory
  • 26,000 binning locations
  • 19,000 parts lines
  • More than $4 million in parts sales/per month
  • 6.1:1 Stock turn
  • First Pick Rate 92%

FGFS has the most extensive stock of Ford Ranger and Everest parts worldwide.

How You Benefit

FGFS customers enjoy the benefits of a high level of dependability, conscientious follow-up, and personal attention. For OEM warranty-covered parts, on-site mobile service capability, timely parts deliveries, accessories, and training, FGFS delivers.

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Comprehensive Training For Peak Performance

FGFS provides employees with the training to guarantee that clients get the most from their field assets. Training is an integral part of a maintenance program. It empowers people on the ground to act with knowledge so that clients get the most from their vehicles and equipment. Whether teaching technicians to service with the latest vehicle technology or training drivers to operate vehicles in the safest, most efficient, and eco-friendly manner – FGFS is there to make it happen.

FGFS offers custom-designed curricula, professional senior-level trainers, and various courses. These courses are developed from years of experience with Ford products. Training professionals use state-of-the-art techniques and equipment that meet the standards of our products. Proprietary FGFS tools include engine and transmission on the bench, electrical boards, plus tools for diagnosing and testing all-electric, mechanical, and computerized components.

Among the classes offered:

  • Basic Technician — Automotive Fundamentals
  • Level 1 — Electrical Specialist
  • Level 2 — Electrical & Engine Specialist
  • Level 3 — Electrical, Powertrain & Drivetrain Specialist
  • Level 4 — Electrical, Powertrain, Drivetrain & Chassis Specialist

Efficient, Convenient & Beneficial

Some available operator/driver classes are one-day seminars. Most technician training courses run three-to-four weeks, five days per week or less. FGFS training offers a Service Apprenticeship Program, including a service certification diploma for the skill levels achieved. FGFS provides training at our state-of-the-art Training Center in Thailand. We also offer on-site training in air-conditioned mobile units that can be quickly deployed to a client’s location. With the proper training, employees keep equipment running at peak performance for an extended lifecycle. Skilled employees reduce accidents while meeting deadlines. This helps minimize downtime and ultimately saves you money.

Technical Support

Professional & Responsive

FGFS Technical Support experts create life cycle maintenance plans that meet specific project needs with no waste or over-investment, offering competitive parts cost and lower maintenance expenses while keeping environmental and safety objectives at the forefront.

Wherever you operate, FGFS comes to you to service your maintenance needs. FGFS remains committed to delivering world-class customer service and class-leading customer satisfaction.

Support Diligence

Conscientious follow-up is how FGFS performs service package contract obligations. The level of support service is top-of-the-line, as is product quality. Working with customers allows technical support professionals to understand and address the challenges immediately. Manufacturer warranty service is crystal clear and performed with diligence and speed.

Support Resources

FGFS provides support at dealer service locations and local maintenance centers and has access to other equipment service resources. FGFS will render support services to meet each customer’s needs.

Skilled technical support. 24/7 Technical Helpline. Meticulous attention to detail. The FGFS responds to client needs.

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