The Cutting Edge of Fleet Management Solutions

Today, Ford Global Fleet Sales, a wholly-owned subsidiary of RMA Group, manages over 40,000 fleet vehicles globally. FGFS designs fleet management by including fleet composition, vehicle types, and modifications to meet specific project needs with no waste or over-investment. Subsequently, these fleets are among the most efficient and productive working fleets globally. Moreover, RMA fleet management systems & service programs, worldwide parts & service support, and cross-border logistic networks support FGFS’s state-of-the-art fleet management systems.

Fleet productivity results directly from careful long-term vehicle life cycle planning, programmed service, maintenance schedules, and training. More specifically, training is an integral part of a maintenance program. Click here to read about how our training programs help clients get the most from their vehicles and equipment.

FGFS maintains an inventory of stock vehicles to serve as a backup in emergency cases. Additionally, they have fast-deployment mobile service systems ready to support client projects in remote areas or regions where local service is unavailable.

After thoroughly assessing a client’s fleet needs, our fleet planning experts recommend a total cost-effective solution explicitly designed around budget requirements. As a result, every dollar committed to a fleet project is wisely invested.

Moreover, the FGFS team approaches fleet composition, vehicle selection, and long-term management with environmental & safety objectives. Both are integral to the overall fleet makeup. Read more about RMA and its subsidiaries’ commitment to their environmental responsibility here.

Complete Fleet Management

A well-thought-out fleet management system will be one of your most essential instruments for project success. For example, these systems should include:

  • advancing standards in improved safety
  • cost reduction
  • improved security
  • and environmental protection.

Therefore, when you trust Ford Global Fleet Sales, you will have a fleet asset management system that covers all aspects of creating and maintaining your fleet management system.

The fleet management contract service package covers all aspects of fleet creation, including:

  • Vehicle purchase
  • Complete maintenance control
  • Emergency and mobile service options
  • Annual registration renewal
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Accident management and damage control
  • Replacement vehicles
  • Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance
  • Fleet and individual reporting, including IVMS reporting
  • Fuel management
  • Vehicle disposal

Since the 1980s, FGFS has provided critical vehicle sales, after-sales support, and comprehensive fleet management systems to aid organizations and governments in developing & post-conflict markets. Please click here if you would like to read an article about a specific example of when Ford Global Fleet Sales used their fleet management systems to deliver lifesaving ambulances to Coscharis Motors.

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