Ford Police Interceptor


The Ford Police Interceptor is purpose-built and continues to break new ground as a pursuit-rated hybrid. Including improved performance, potential fuel sabins, exceptional safety measures, an abundance of passenger/cargo room, and enhanced durability. The Police SUV is fitted with essential law enforcement equipment. The powerful and capable SUV base vehicle allows for rapid response and precise handling providing safety to occupants and members of the public.

Additionally, a few features include:

  • Worldwide vehicle exclusive: 75-mph (120-kph) rear-impact crash tested
  • 3.3L V6 Hybrid Engine offering instant torque and improved fuel economy
  • Ballistic front-door panels give protection while inside the vehicle or using the door as cover
  • Improved performance upgrades

Above all, the Ford Police Advisory Board consulted with active duty Police Officers and one of their complaints with other patrol vehicles is the lack of space in the driver’s seat to account for the bulk of the police duty belt. This inconvenience led to the officers having to sit on an angle, leading to constant back issues. Or, removing their firearms from their belts altogether. As a result, in the event of a quick pursuit, officers must have their firearms on them, so the second option to fix this issue is potentially fatal. Upon hearing of this specific but important complaint from the Officers, we innovated. In conclusion, our Police Interceptor has more than enough room in the driver’s seat to account for a police officer’s duty belt.

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