Ford Transit Life Support Ambulance Superior Design and Space Utilization

The Ford Transit Life Support Ambulance has a high roof with wide-opening rear swing doors and a side sliding door to provide ease of access. Inside, the patient area has smooth, hygienic interior surfaces made of aluminum panels. As a result, these come with excellent noise & heat reduction qualities. Moreover, the flooring has anti-bacterial, anti-slip surfaces. It also includes ample LED interior lighting, an exterior work light, numerous power outlets, and individually controlled air-conditioning.

Exterior lighting includes a full-width roof-mounted emergency light bar, a rear beacon light, and side emergency lights. The stretcher fits securely to one side of the patient area, next to an attendant bench for three passengers. Further, customers can add up to three flip-up attendant chairs depending on customer requirements and requests. 

The base of these life support ambulances is the Ford Transit. The interior has multiple storage cabinets, overhead hooks for IV drips, a blood pressure unit, and an oxygen therapy system. Also, customers can choose from various additional fitments such as a washbasin with water tanks, sliding IV  hangers, spine board, extrication collar, and head immobilizer.

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